We are excited that most of our exhibits are back in full swing and you can pre-register online for all the Heavy & Hunter Horses, Cattle , Goats and all the Adult & Junior Exhibits in the arena.

How do I enter? Grab your prize list and register your entries through our partner AssistExpo. (http://www.register.tavistockfallfair.com)

Does it cost anything? There are no additional fee’s to register online. Adult exhibitors must pay a $6 Tavistock Ag Society membership fee. There are no membership fee’s for Junior exhibitors (10-18 yrs) to enter a Junior exhibit, but they still need to register. There will be a $6 membership fee if the Junior exhibitor enters in an Adult exhibit. There are no membership fee’s or registration required for our School Children (SK to gr 8) exhibitors.

Does it payout? All livestock winnings will be sent by cheque. Adult and Junior exhibitor winnings will be paid by cash at 2:00 pm on Sunday, in front of the arena. Any winnings greater than $3 not picked up on Sunday will be sent by cheque. School Children payout will be delivered to each school before the end of September.

Is there a deadline? You can register online anytime – as long as your are registered ahead of the event you are exhibiting in. Adult, Junior and School Children entries can be dropped off at the arena Thursday evening (7:00-8:00 pm) or Friday morning (8:00-11:59 am).

Membership No, Participant ID, what? Membership No and Participant ID terms are interchangeable. We are doing our best to retain and convert your previous membership number to a participant ID, but it may prove challenging depending on when the last time you exhibited.

Where can I see the results? In person of course! Ideally, we would like to post the winning results for the Heavy & Hunter Horses, Cattle , Goats, Adult and Junior Exhibits online, but we have a very short fair and limited volunteers.

I need help. Email (exhibits@tavistockfallfair.com) or call Julie K. at 519-590-1617. We know this is new for many of you and are more than happy to lend a hand so that everyone can participate in this years fair!

Who/what is AssistExpo? They are a Canadian company that provides software that helps manage agricultural fairs and shows. We are using their software to assist with registration, submission and judging of all livestock and homecraft entries.

Is my data secure? Yes, AssistExpo uses the same web based security that is used for online banking and credit card processing.